Hong Kong British dream-pop artist mui zyu (Eva Liu) shares a new single, ‘Rotten Bun’ – another stunning look into her upcoming debut LP, Rotten Bun for an Eggless Century, out 24 February, 2023 via Father/Daughter Records. 

On ‘Rotten Bun’, mui zyu transports you into a dark fantasy world. Put on your headphones and close your eyes. 

“’Rotten Bun’ brings us into the fantasy world where the record is set. Me, you, us, we, ‘the protagonist’ – takes in their surroundings of mouldy vegetation, witchcraft, magic and demons. The ‘rotten bun’ refers to the rotting heart of the lonesome warrior. We have to overcome these initial fiends who mock, bully, hurt by becoming strong enough whereby we are unaffected by their ‘rotten tongues’… A bit like a tutorial to a video-game where you are guided through the introduction and still have to destroy a final boss as part of your training. Lots of the metaphors in the record have been inspired by Chinese folklore in particular Pu Songlin’s ‘Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio’.”

mui zyu

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