Gateshead-based singer-songwriter/guitarist Hannah Robinson shares her latest single, ‘Hypnotised’.

A shift in sound and emotions after her last single, ‘nineteen’, Robinson evolves her songwriting skills by showing a dual point of view of a breakup. ‘Hypnotised’ is an energetic indie track that shows vulnerability and stark honesty. 

“’Hypnotised’ is about the romanticised idea of a person, a relationship and about being lost in your own mind. It’s about fear of loss and rejection, and about being absorbed by a situation and not being able to think straight. You are constantly thinking about a person, and dreaming of what could have been, while the other person no longer cares and wants to just walk away. 

What I would like people to take away from ‘Hypnotised’ and its narrative is how we react to circumstances that make us uncomfortable, and to try and see them from both sides. I do feel that there is a lot of room for interpretation, you can listen to the song from the perspective of the girl, or choose the side of the boy, it’ll hopefully make you wonder what side you are on and how you would deal with a similar situation.”

Hannah Robinson

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