Leicester-raised artist SOFY released her latest single, ‘Egomaniac’ – another look into SOFY’s upcoming EP, Bored In Colour (Pt.2).

‘Egomaniac’ leans more into indie-pop territory compared to SOFY’s previous releases. This track is a fun breakup anthem complete with SOFY’s signature clever lyrics. 

“Egomaniac is a breakup revenge anthem, inspired by the cult 00s film ‘John Tucker Must Die’ (if John Tucker was a 5ft10 softboi from Hackney). Written from the perspective of breaking up with a narcissist, the song is about looking back and reflecting on a toxic relationship after it’s over, and seeing all the red flags that were missed at the time (‘say love is blind til it’s over, you’ll never see yourself the way that I can see ya’). It’s been one of my favourite songs to play on the festival circuit this summer so I’m really excited for it to finally be yours!!”


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