This week’s earworm features UK rock duo The Pearl Harts and their latest single, ‘More’ – the first single from their second album, Love, Chaos (out early 2023).

“”More” is a sassy, sexy, post-ironic stab at the consuming world that we live in. One can be encouraged to ‘have more’, ‘do more’, ‘expect more’, ‘be more’. The amount of ‘more’ is overwhelming — it’s like a never-ending hamster wheel. Where does it end? Where is the satisfaction?… Interestingly, the point we observe is that the people who have the most always feel like they are entitled to “More”. Whereas those who generally feel like they need “More” are told they are too much.” 

The Pearl Harts

Catch The Pearl Harts live at London’s Blondies on 24 November.

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