Power duo Deux Furieuses just dropped ‘Our Day Will Come’ – an urgent, righteous anthem that feels especially poignant right now – our single of the week.

“The song reaches for hope and determination in the face of adversity. There are times when it feels like our causes will outlive us, that nothing will change in time for us. ‘Our Day Will Come’ says: take our rebel song, take our spirit and fight the good fight when we are no longer here.

In the video we tried to express the conflict between our fighting spirit with optimism for the future against our frustration at the sober reality of hitting our heads against the brick wall. This goes to the heart of our band.

We brandish headscarves in dedication to the brave and inspiring women and girls of Iran who are so courageously protesting for change despite the risk to their lives.

 Catch les Deux live on 18 November 18 when they play The Lexington, London Album Launch Show w/ Hurtling, Where We Sleep + special guests