When our favourite Brighton garage-pop gal-pal duo ARXX first released this gorgeous single back in 2020 we made it single of the week; and now they’ve gone and re-released ‘Call Me Crazy’ today with lush additions from our favourite Dublin indierockers Pillow Queens, so it’s our extra double-bubble single of the week today.

As I said previously about this gorgeous earworm, “it’s a sucker punch to the feels, gutsy pop anthem that so many of us familiar with mental health struggles will instantly relate to”. The addition of warm harmonies from ARXX’s new best band friends Pillow Queens makes it all the more moving. The two bands have been touring together this and that side of the Irish channel and clearly having the big ole craic/whale of a time, so the coming together on record seals the deal on these stone cold cuties’ friendship. The smiles radiate from the recording, and what a perfect way to embellish a song about mental health struggles. Friendship, talking, love, fun – they cure all ills.

” It’s a happy sad ballad about mental health that will pull at your heartstrings and get you dancing all at the same time. It feels like the perfect song to team up with Pillow Queens on, they’re great friends of ours and when you’re struggling with mental health friends make everything better. Their voices and instrumentation on the track adds a new dimension to the song, helping it to evolve into a really special moment of shared experiences. “

I hope Hanni and Clara don’t mind me sharing this message sent to me yesterday, but it’s just such a lovely example of what absolute honeys they are, and what proper scenesters too:

“We firstly just wanted to say a big thank you, we’ve been playing so many shows recently and the amount of people that have come up to us saying they saw us at loud women fest or at a loud women show ( from all over the world! ) has been amazing.  So thank you for doing what you do, you’re a star!” 

All the LW team and I are thrilled to have played even a small part in seeing ARXX’s rise from being a favourite on the pub circuit, to regular play on BBC Radio 1 (and they even got played on BBC 1 Match of the Day!). I love it when bands LW has championed get too big for our stages anymore (no, honestly, I do!) Wishing them all the very best for this excellent new single.

Catch ARXX live:

* Supporting Pillow Queens

Oct 7, 2022 * Dolan’s Warehouse // Limerick, Ireland

​Oct 8, 2022 * Cyprus Avenue // Cork, Ireland

​Oct 14, 2022 * Empire Music Hall // Belfast, Ireland

​Oct 15, 2022 * Roisin Dubh // Galway, Ireland

Oct 16, 2022 * Roisin Dubh // Galway, Ireland

​Oct 20, 2022 * Set Theatre // Kilkenny, Ireland

Oct 21, 2022 * Gleneagle INEC Arena // Kerry, Ireland

UK Headline Tour

Nov 23, 2022 The Social // London, UK

Nov 24, 2022 33 Oldham Street// Manchester, UK

Nov 25, 2022 Mcchuillis // Glasgow, UK

Dec 2, 2022 Green Door Store // Brighton,UK

Dec 3, 2022 The Old Bus Station // Nottingham, UK