Interview by Minni Moody

Her raspy siren like vocals combined with a political yet vulnerable tone makes MIRI a truly unique artist. MIRI also is an integral part of the LOUD WOMEN collective as an official board member. Here are five questions and MIRI’s video greetings to everyone ahead of LOUD WOMEN Fest!

What’s the most memorable feedback you’ve ever received on your music?
I once had a filmmaker say “if Edith Piaf and Sting had a love child, it would be me” after he saw me perform.

What’s happening in your world at the moment?
I discovered recently that I’m neurodivergent so I’m taking the time to process and understand more clearly how my brain works. It’s been emotional and slightly healing. Music wise, I have no strategy. I’m a full time musician and creative freelancer. Bills going up is a stress so I’m following the work. I’d love to get booked for some more festivals next year. That would be fun. So many artists I know played Glastonbury this year, so I’d love to do that one. On 10th September I’m running one of my Find Your Voice vocal workshops at an event called ‘She Her They Them, a Social initiative for Queer Women, Trans, Intersex, Nonbinary and Gender Nonconforming individuals’ whose mission is to decentre cis male energy from the Queer community and build a platform for the marginalised and minoritised LGBTQ+ voices in a space that supports and encourages collaboration and connection.

Your music is not only impactful because of your unique vocals but it also has political undertones. How would you describe your ideal world with one sentence?
Harmonious and fair with community being at the core – and politicians who work and care for the people.

You have played at the LOUD WOMEN Fest before. How would you describe the festival for the first-timers?

As a woman or gender diverse individual you can take up space at the front. For me, it’s the atmosphere that I love the most. You can feel safe and at home knowing that everyone is there for the cause.

Which artist are you looking forward to most at LOUD WOMEN Fest and why?

Charley Stone because she’s a fucking legend.

Catch MIRI at 4pm on Saturday 3rd Sept, LOUD WOMEN Fest