Dreamy summer Sunday vibes from ‘That’s You’, the debut release from Arta Sallabegolli – a Norwegian-in-London singer-songwriter currently studying at BIMM London. Arta tells us:

“On a mid-July summer day, I was making my way to a music room dressed for a hot weather with suspicions of rain. All of a sudden these lyrics appeared in my mind. By the time I arrived, half of the song had already been written. ‘That’s You’ is a story about that particular kind of person that you are always unsure about. It is one of uncertainty and confusion.  Of anticipating the inevitable end but, not jumping off before the crash. Attempting to paint over the ugly but recognizing its true from, nonetheless. Using my surroundings as metaphors for people is a common occurrence in my songwriting. Therefore, ‘That’s You’ was inspired by the Norwegian weather.”