Philly-based indie-punk band Stud Count‘s latest single ‘Give Me Time’ is our Single of the Week.

An aggressive and high energy punk track, ‘Give Me Time’ balances out the catchy pop vibe from their last release, ‘Through My Window’.

‘Give Me Time’ is another look into Stud Count’s debut self-titled album (out 22 July via Smartpunk Records). Stud Count’s sound is alternative-punk with a melodic touch that moves you with their beats and lyrics and we can’t wait for the album release.

‘Give Me Time’ is a relatable track about basic friendships with no emotional investment behind them.

“I wrote this song about the emptiness of surface level friendships and the effect they have over time; desiring depth, truth and decency and scarcely being able to find it.” 

 Norelle Green (vocalist)

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