Review by Ann Marie Tierney

Weird Sister Records continue their Zodiac release series with ‘Action at a Distance’, out today from Syd Silvair – ushering in the season of the Cancer sign.

‘Action at a Distance’ is a delicious, dreamy pop ballad with delicate ethereal vocals and a swirling, pulsing electric sound that is completely immersive. There’s a real 80’s feel to the track that is great fun, with moments that are light touch and stripped back along with moments of power and resilience. This juxtaposition suits the depths of the Cancer sign well.

And not only is it a beautiful song, but you can also learn a little something about science by untangling the meaning. In quantum physics, there’s a phenomenon called entanglement that Albert Einstein referred to as “spooky action at a distance.” Once two particles become entangled, they remain linked regardless of the distance between them, and an action on one will immediately affect the other. The track was born out of a grieving process that was softened by this concept.

Syd Silvair conjures up a world where disco meets modern witchcraft. Syd’s music has been featured on Grey’s Anatomy, The Fosters, Bold Type, Honest Beauty, and more, a testament to the cinematic and ethereal qualities that make her so unique.

The track is released today via Weird Sister Records. Be sure to check out the previous releases in the Zodiac series which includes Marley Hale’s ‘Cowboy Blues’ for Gemini and Sunstoney’s ‘Crown’ for Taurus season, amongst others. Look out for future releases from the label based in New York – keep up to date on their website.