London-based artist Donna Thompson released a new single, ‘Be With You’. This is the second release from Thompson’s debut EP, Something True (out 22nd July via PRAH Recordings). 

On ‘Be With You, Thompson’s signature style of merging jazz and R&B is elevated by the heartfelt vocals and lyrics. 

“Like a lot of people, I found it hard not being able to connect with loved ones during the lockdowns. My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and it was really hard, missing him all the time and feeling restless. As things started to open up, I found myself increasingly busy and less time being spent together meant my mind is often on him despite not being around him.” 

Donna Thompson

The accompanying video is an artistic DIY creation from Thompson using iMovie. 

“I’m always filming little videos on my travels as keepsakes, so I put this together on iMovie. Some of the clips are from moments when I was feeling the distance between us and others are from our walks together. But a lot of them are from walks I was taking alone.” 

Donna Thompson