Macclesfield’s Queen Cult returns with a quirky DIY video for their latest single, ‘Beautiful Psycho’. Filmed with an iPhone and using dolls on a miniature set, this is Queen Cult’s best video. While fun, you can still feel the heartbreak at The Closet gig and the rollercoaster of emotions throughout the video. 

“Honestly, total fluke this video! We were rummaging around in a charity shop for stage outfits and came across some dolls. From this I messaged our video guy Foxariot and was like “imagine if we…” and from there the rest is history.  

Madeleine Fisher built the set design and absolutely smashed it – no one could have done it better. Because of the tiny set we filmed this mostly on an iPhone, they were very close angles. It was very DIY and we love that. Cus it reflects us as people and adds a bit of reality to it. And with Foxariot’s wit merged with ours, we ran away with it! Love can make you crazy. And ultimately the message we get out of this video is that communication is key. If they had just spoken to each other, they’d be together. We hope everyone enjoys the lighthearted fun.”

Maisie Johnson

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