Newcomer Chloé Dejon joins us this Saturday at LOUD WOMEN Club at Islingtons' Hope & Anchor this Saturday (along with Vulgar Breeds, Sassyhiya, I, Doris, and Snoozers) – here's her 4 question interview! (It would have been 5 but she didn't want to draw us a picture 💔)

1. What can we expect from you at the LOUD WOMEN gig?
A musical story of my journey from IT engineer to singer. Four originals that I have written during my time in London, and 3 covers. A blend of pop/singer-songwriter/rock. 

2 . What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now?
Mainly female students (except for one of the guitarists), learning together and supporting each other to get stage experience in London.

3. If you could add any musician (live or dead) to your band lineup, who would it be?

Laleh. A Swedish female singer-songwriter and producer, who sings to make the world a better place. 

4. Pass the mic – who are your top 3 contemporary bands?

Coldplay, First Aid Kit, MUSE