Out today from Manchester trio The Elephant Trees, ‘Meaning of Lyf’ provides an enlightening glimpse of their upcoming EP of the same name.

The band aptly describe it as “a nihilist groove”. I’m loving the Stranger Things synths over rock guitar, providing a dancefloor-ready backdrop for frontwoman Martha Phillips’ sadpop vocals.

In rejecting the traditional habitus, which a lot of us do in our early twenties, there opens up a void that had once been filled with whatever our parents had raised us on. It can be a really exciting, yet daunting, experience to step outside these constructs and realise your path is your own. The meaning of life is not to be liked, it’s not to conform, its not to be quiet and small. Really, you could argue that there is no meaning to life. 

It sounds depressing at first, but I think once we’ve crossed that line and shed off traditions and expectations, it’s a really positive and important realisation that gives us the opportunity to forge a better future. One without ancient prejudices, patriarchy, homophobia, racism, ableism, and all. The meaning of life is up to us.”

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