After watching the video for A VOID’s powerful new single ‘Newspapers’, I have just one question – how did they make such good newspaper dresses, and where can I get one? The Franco-Brit trio have pulled out all the stops with this latest video. I cannot imagine how long it took to set up the main backdrop, but it was worth it – absolute perfection.

I’m always a fan of songs which approach mental health in a cathartic way – in this, ‘Newspapers’ delivers on multiple levels! As lyricist Camille Alexander explains:

“Instead of destroying myself, I decided to destroy everyone’s ears! It’s about freeing yourself from your own conditioning, not knowing how to deal with it and losing yourself in your own liberation. The “weight” I’m talking about is the trauma, the societal constraints, the education, the pressure to be what your family and the people around you want you to be. When you finally walk away from all that, you’re just lost because that’s all you’ve ever known.”

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