Dundee-based artist Theo Bleak welcomes a new season with her latest single ‘Spring Song’. 

‘Spring Song’ is the followup to Bleak’s dark and melancholic ‘Winter Song’ and the continuation of her series of singles inspired by the seasons. 

Bleak captures the feeling of finding hope and warmth while going through darkness. 

“’Spring Song’ is the next commentary on being depressed in the midst of an ecological collapse. I had never enjoyed spring growing up. It reminded me of moving to high school when I was 13, the slightly longer evenings to fill when I had no friends. Although, as I left a seriously grim winter behind, the slight heat whilst sitting on my front step has been welcome. I’ve noticed how the colours at sunset are so unique to this time of year and further, so many beautiful aspects of a season we would be so foolish to lose. I’ve tried to capture that.”

Theo Bleak

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