Our video of the day today comes courtesy of our favourite London-based rock trio, BERRIES: ‘Wall Of Noise’. 

BERRIES’ sound is a gritty blend of rock, grunge, and indie. Their single ‘Wall Of Noise’ delivers noise-rock with depth. The ‘noise’ is more than just sound…it’s the static of thoughts caused by insecurity and isolation.

BERRIES shares the following about ‘Wall Of Noise’:

“Lyrically the song gives a nod to how self-doubt and how solitude can heighten and affect these feelings. Feeling lost or confused can produce the noisiest thoughts in your mind and that’s what we wanted to convey in this song.”

The accompanying video is a dizzy loop of climbing stairs…a perfect parallel to the endless cycle of mental health.

“The “Wall of Noise” video represents the up-hill battle of mental health, the repetitive cycles and trying to escape the loud, nagging voices in your head. We chose stairs to represent this idea as we wanted something fairly mundane and common in most people’s everyday lives to reiterate how different people approach these obstacles — running straight at them, cautiously, following others, courageously or alone.” 


‘Wall Of Noise’ sets the foundation for BERRIES’ debut album, out this Summer. 

“‘[Our debut] record will explore many themes: mental health features heavily, feeling overlooked and sexism, alongside songs about growth, strength and rising above all of the negativity and noise around us. The majority of the songs are based on personal experience” 


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