Today’s video of the day comes from LA based Young Winona: ‘Red Dress’.

Young Winona is made up of three relocated New Zealanders. Cassie Gaffaney is on vocals and guitar, Geoff Maddock on bass and Nick Gaffaney on drums. Their first release on 2022, ‘Red Dress’ is in the bands’ words ‘ our whole-hearted ode to 90s band, Elastica. Fuck it, we love them.’.

I would describe their genre as alternative rock soaked in the 90’s aesthetic. Their sound can be compared to Pixies, Blur and Nirvana. ‘Red Dress’ is raw, loud and catchy and it reflects the complexities of living far from home, in Los Angeles.

The band says this about the video:

Our friend Ed Shiers made this video for us. One day he put a call out on Instagram offering his filmmaking services free of charge as a way to alleviate the stagnation of pandemic life. On a whim, I sent him the song – he loved it and he chose to work with us. We spent a day in a downtown photography studio, pretending to look cute while playing our instruments. So grateful for the collaboration.

Young Winona’s next single, ‘Sadistic’ comes out on May 18th. Make sure to mark the date in your calendar!

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