Australian band Body Type released their latest single and video: ‘Buoyancy’. This track is an exciting look into their debut album Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising, out 20 May on Poison City Records. 

Written over a text message poem during a heatwave, ‘Buoyancy’ is a fast paced jam with summer vibes.

“‘Buoyancy’ started as a playful text message exchange between Annabel and me. In many ways, the song is about grappling with internal inconsistencies and moral ambiguities in an incoherent style. It’s had a few iterations – when I brought it to the group it had more of a slow Big Star spirit. Soph and Annabel made it more angular, more tongue in cheek with the guitar, which further injects the song with distorted meaning. It’s also a personal reminder that when certain things are rendered uncertain those you love are an eternal rudder.”

Georgia Wilkinson Derums

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