We are excited to welcome Ode to Sleep to LOUD WOMEN Club this Saturday at the Hope & Anchor! OtS were one of the brilliant bands we met during the first 2020 lockdown, when they helped keep our spirits up with an online streamed acoustic gig! It'll be marvellous to see them performing very much IRL. Here's their 5 question interview ...

1. For people who’ve not heard you play live before, what can we expect from you at the LOUD WOMEN gig?

You can expect a trio of very excited-to-be-there sweaty punks with a message to deliver and some tequila to shoot. 

2 . What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now?

Ode to Sleep comments on environmental and animal rights topics and encourages their audience to have opinions. We are also saving up for our summer UK tour and will be bringing our humble Merch box!

3. If you could add any musician (live or dead) to your band lineup, who would it be?

We would add a synth player! [Any synth player? –Ed.]

4. Pass the mic – who are your top 3 contemporary bands?

We are really enjoying Bob Vylan, Hot Milk and Bike Theifs 

5. Draw us a picture…