Shattercones EP launch with Naomi in Blue and Maggie The Cat at Paper Dress Vintage, London 22 February 2022 
Naomi in Blue – photo by Julia Maria

Located in Hackney Central, Paper Dress Vintage is a vintage clothing store by day and a bar with live music at night. The venue has two floors and can host up to 180 people. It has a laid back atmosphere, perfect for vintage and music lovers looking for a spot to discover upcoming artists and bands. Tonight’s event was Shattercones ‘This Septic Isle’ EP launch. The supporting acts were Naomi in Blue and Maggie The Cat.

The first performance of the night was a singer/songwriter Naomi in Blue. It was my first time seeing Naomi and her band live and I was very impressed. Her genre is a mix of Americana and alternative rock. Naomi’s melodic vocals accompanied by a great instrumentation was a pleasure to listen.

‘Stupid’ – my favourite song of the night is a witty, cleverly written piece, definitely worth checking out! I am excited to hear more from Naomi in Blue.

Maggie The Cat brought the 80’s to the stage, both with her look and music. I really enjoyed her Twin Peaks vibe.

This one woman show was something to see. Maggie’s fantastic, strong voice fits just right with the enigmatic, upbeat tracks.

Her song titles are as interesting as the music itself. I recommend you check out ‘I Love You & I’ve Got A Gun’. It’s been stuck in my head since the night of the gig.

Shattercones – photo by Julia Maria

The headliners of the night, Shattercones, are a real sonic treat. The band got together in late 2018 and tonight they premiered their newest EP, This Sceptic Isle. Shattercones sound is a blend of folk and alternative rock. Their instrumentation is absolutely fantastic. It reminded me of bands such as Kings Of Leon with vocals sounding much like from Joy Division or The Smiths. Shattercones have a very American feel present in their soundscape, looks and even hair styles. I loved hearing the violin and a lap steel (my new favourite instrument) live. ‘This Sceptic Isle’ sounds like it’s been taken from a modern western soundtrack. It was a memorable and professional performance.

Perhaps Paper Dress Vintage’s nice acoustics have something to do with the vintage sweaters on the walls. It was a pleasure to be out again and see such talented (and extremely well-dressed) artists. I hope to see more from all performers and will definitely be back at this cozy venue.

Artist links:

Shattercones: spotify bandcamp instagram

Maggie The Cat: spotify bandcamp instagram