Our snapper-of-the-scene Keira Anee and her camera found themselves at The Black Heart in Camden, last Saturday 26 February.

I got there early to see Maud the Moth. My very limited knowledge of keys in heavier music thinks of Evanescence, who I also love, and wow, what a voice!

I wasn’t able to see all of the bands, but another that stood out for me was Black Helium. Their denim clad bassist was hypnotising as were the songs.

If your band is called Rad Pitt, you’ve turned my head.

After the screams of Rad Pitt I am so ready to finally see Shooting Daggers: “shooting daggers out of my eyes, I AM SOMEONE!” 

I wanted to see Shooting Daggers primarily. I’d missed them supporting USA Nails last year, and I also missed them supporting Amyl and the Sniffers: which is a lot to miss! 

I really do wish I wasn’t so scared of mosh pits watching the crowd lose themselves in them, but am happy to lose myself in the sexualised fury you feel from the side.

“….and they dare call me missandra?”

Shooting Daggers

Lastly, a quick shout out also to the AMAZING Shooting Daggers T Shirt I bought! I love the design and today wore it proudly under my ‘Feminist Killjoy’ jumper (shut up, it’s cold). It’s also my second band t shirt to proudly have ‘queer’ written on it (the other being Grove.)