Today’s video of the day comes from Onyda, who wants us to know that it’s okay to be ‘Mediocre’!

Onyda is a Stoke On Trent based artist working with music, visuals, film, fashion and artwork. They make dream/alternative pop. In ‘Meciocre’ Onyda respond to the pressure society puts on young people. They understand that striving for perfection is not for everyone. Instead they want to focus on meeting their own needs.

Onyda says about the release:

“I’ve been really lucky in my life, I know what I’m good at and I’ve been able to share that with others from a young age through performing, people have always had high expectations for me. However I also grew up being heavily influenced by social media like everyone else from my generation and the pressure to present as this amazing, flawless being is unobtainable for us all. Let’s just be a bit shit and be ok with it.”

Onyda’s EP is set to come out later in 2022.  

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