Our video of the day comes from Berlin-based artist LIA LIA: her new single ‘I’m a Moth!!’ is out now on Los Angeles label Next Wave Records.

The track is punky and guitar-driven (unlike her other elecronic pop output) telling of an underdog who does not quite fit in. The video is a fusion of celluloid treats such as ‘Killing Eve’ meets ‘Let the Right One In’ meets a Pussy Riot video (or is that just me because it is filmed in Moscow?).

Total respect for anyone who is brave enough to run around Moscow in a giant moth suit, shouting at the public through a megaphone in a foreign language and then barge into another band’s gig, notably pushing the boys aside to take the stage and sing her own song. Yesssss!!!!!!!

I’m a moth, can’t anyone see? What the pretty butterfly I could have been.

Frankly she is the only kind of butterfly I am really interested in and you should be too.

Watch this space. The girl is gonna go big.

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