Ease your way into the day with TAYLOR ALXNDR‘s groovy track ‘Big City’ – our video of the day.

Atlanta based DIY musician, producer, activist, and performance artist TAYLOR ALXNDR takes us back in time with their synth pop banger ‘Big City’ featuring Breathers and a lovely self-directed video. It’s an anthem for those who work themselves to the bone while fighting for their dreams. The bright synthesizers straight from the 80’s and reflective lyrics remind me of bands such as Bastille. TAYLOR has a positive attitude towards all the ‘Big City’ struggles and I have to admit – it’s contagious!

 “‘Big City’ is all about just wanting to make it and thrive in a big city where everything is constantly changing. It’s about gentrification and how it completely changes art scenes. It’s about seeing friends leave Atlanta for new cities and wondering if I’m inhibiting my growth or potential by staying here, but ultimately knowing that my success isn’t tied to where I live, but what I do.” 

ALXNDR is the co-founder and current executive director of Southern Fried Queer Pride (SFQP), a queer + trans arts and advocacy organization centering Southern queer communities. They are also the mother of the House of ALXNDR, an Atlanta-based drag family and events hub, creating drag-centered, inclusive events.

Their EP “1993” comes out on 11 of March along with a North American tour.


www.tayloralxndr.com bandcamp instagram