Today’s video of the day is from C’est Karma (Karma Catena): ‘Bubblegum’.

Luxemborgish Karma’s sound is an electric mix of hyper-pop infused with punk undertones.

‘Bubblegum’ shows a shift in direction in comparison to previous releases and is a glimpse of what to expect from her forthcoming EP Amuse Bouche (May 13th).

‘Bubblegum’ is about Karma’s lifelong friendship that continues to thrive despite changes over the decades and distance.

“I wanted to celebrate and explore our differences and the things we have in common. We both went through a lot of changes over the past 20 years of our friendship but somehow, our ends still meet. We now live in different cities but visit each other regularly. This was fascinating to me, how two people can grow up together but live totally different lives, and 20 years later the love for one another did not fade in the slightest.”

C’est Karma

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