Feeling moody? Pick a mood, we’ve got your personal soundtrack covered here. 6 recent releases from all around the world (well, USA and Australia this time!).

Mood: heartbreaky

‘drunk text me’ by Lexi Jayde of LA – Instagram

We’ve all been through those heart-wrenching breakups that leave us hoping that a phone will beep. “’In most breakups it’s often hard to find closure, I certainly had a hard time and wish there were explanations for things left unanswered. I kept asking myself “Why was I hurting so bad?”

Mood: fighty

‘Killer On The Road – Live at Ivy Room’ by Year of the Fist of Oakland, CA – Bandcamp Facebook Instagram YouTube

A badass anthem from a badass band. This song was recorded live at The Ivy Room in Albany, CA as part of a livestream.

Mood: disappointed

‘ur just horny’ by GAYLE of Nashville – Twitter Instagram TikTok YouTube

‘ur just horny’ for me was coming to that realization that they didn’t want to be my friend they just wanted to get into my pants – and that hurt. it’s hard to separate platonic, romantic, and sexual feelings and sometimes in friendships the lines can get blurry.

Mood: taking back control

‘Cut’ by Jaguar Jonze of Australia – Instagram

“‘CUT’ is the anger behind realizing that people you trusted professionally have been gaslighting you and manipulating your reality – constantly taking from you in a one-way transaction I wanted nothing but to CUT, get out, and take back control.”


‘OK OK OK’ by Dropper of Brooklyn, NY – droppermusic.com Bandcamp Twitter Facebook Instagram SoundCloud

Groovetastic retro sounds, and a timeless theme of party awks. “I think most people have gone through at least one breakup or had a friendship end that pretty much wrecked them for a little while. ‘Ok Ok Ok’ is about going to a party and being hyper-aware of that other person’s presence. It’s about trying to overcome discomfort but in the process overcompensating and being (maybe just a little) petty. It’s about that desire to prove to that other person, and to yourself, that you’re okay when maybe the truth is, you’re not.

Mood: long

‘Time And A Half’ by OK Cool of Chicago – Bandcamp Twitter Facebook Instagram TikTok SoundCloud

Some days are just so much longer than others, and the pandemic’s lockdowns brought us many longer still. “Everything we used to mark the passing of time has disappeared. It’s about grappling with your changing sense of what you knew and thinking…maybe none of that mattered anyways.“