Review by Kimmi Watson

Christmas came early this year, when I received a CD of I, Doris‘s self titled mini album that for me blends the power and playfulness of Girls At Our Best, Bikini Kill, The Specials and The Pipettes (remember them?) with a witty and razor sharp narrative on current and ongoing women’s issues.  

Cunningly mixed and mastered by Jonathan Clayton at One Cat Studios, I, Doris is a collection of six fab, feminist, fun tracks that make for an ideal Christmas gift for your friends. 

The opening song, In The Ladies was released last month as a single and is a dedication to all the friendships made in the loos over the years –  a testament to toilet talk if you like! The cheeky little video for the single was filmed in Walthamstow Trades Hall too. 

Wonderwomen is a massive musical pat on the back to multi-tasking, mums, managers and other super sheroes running around doing several things at once, both chaotically and brilliantly whilst holding it all together. 

Does your Girfriend Know is a warning to trust your instincts when dating, so as to not get caught out by dodgy fibbing toads. With a foxy slinky bass line and driving ska beat this is a real moon stomping treat.

The Girl From Clapham is a heartfelt cover of Squeeze’s Up the Junction, with lyrics from Janine Booth that tell a tragic tale of relationships and loneliness from a women’s point of view.  The musicianship on this track really comes to the fore with the tight drum rolls and keytar riffs a stand out. 

Just Some Doris is the Criado-Perez moment of the album. Usually the opener at their live shows and often followed by the Doris Pledge, it is the bands signature song about women of a certain age being unseen and often overlooked or unheard. There’s no ignoring the words of these Dorises with this brilliant recording. 

Do it Yourself  brings things nicely to a climax and is a wonderful wank anthem which features some stupendous guitars, drums and vocal harmonies, plus a bridge/outro that’s highly likely to make you go go all warm inside. 

I, Doris by I, Doris is out now on Bandcamp