Laura-Mary Carter is on a journey of self-discovery with her debut solo album, Town Called Nothing.

Brighton-based Laura-Mary is one half of Blood Red Shoes and is now emerging as a solo artist. A different route from the alt/garage rock of BRS, Laura-Mary’s solo debut leans towards Country infused with Americana.

LOUD WOMEN named Town Called Nothing one of the top 21 releases for 2021

Inspired by her yearly tarot card session that told her to go to Arizona, Laura-Mary opened up a map on her phone and found a town called Nothing. 

Laura-Mary wrote and recorded this mini album across the US and UK. While touring, the concept of home shifted, and Laura-Mary is still constantly moving. Moving from place to place but also musically by venturing off as a solo act. Town Called Nothing is the search of home and self…each track is part of the map of that journey.

“I kept going back to the town called Nothing, because the sign said ‘population: 2’, and I wanted to know if anyone was really there. But there wasn’t. It was always just me by myself.”

Laura-Mary Carter

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