Sister Lucy (Abi Sinclair) is an emerging artist who quickly grabbed our attention. From first listen with her debut single, Dream, Sister Lucy’s unique clash of country-grunge and her straight to the point lyrics pulls you in. Follow up single, Big Kid, also became single of the day, and early this month ‘Best At Being Sad’ earned single of the week. 

Sister Lucy’s debut EP, Big Girl Pants, is out now…complete with an unreleased track, ‘She Loves to Hate’. This four track EP’s main theme is the fear of growing up and the reality of adulthood. All through a lens of honesty and the drive to stay true to her vision. 

Sinclair shares the following about Big Girl Pants:

“Much of my work in recent years has used the studio to develop and refine songs, often adding layers of complexity.  Making this EP put immediacy and what felt right to the fore.  I’m singing about growing up, about the fragile dreams we have and the things we so quickly and easily lose.  The experience of women has always been an important subject in my writing, and it’s at the forefront of Sister Lucy.  I want this EP to deliver a jolt of emotion and recognition from the first listen.”

With the debut of her EP Big Girl Pants, Sister Lucy is one of the top breakthrough artists for 2021. 

Connect with Sister Lucy at the following links:

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