Feeling moody? Pick a mood, we’ve got your personal soundtrack covered here. 11 recent releases from all around the world.

Mood: tired of greedy people

‘Greed’ by Sophie Powers of Toronto, Canada – Instagram 

The world is burning, yet some mofos still can’t seem to get enough of taking more than their fair share. Teen pop-rocker Sophie Powers teamed up with singer/rapper DE’WAYNE to deliver their cautionary tale against the most notorious deadly sin of all. “Teachers who expect students to never fail. Adults who expect children to respect them no matter what. Friends who remain friends with you only if you have something they want. For what?? For their own personal gain!!” We’re with you Sophie, grrr.

Mood: funky

‘Hurricane’ by The Johnson Family Band of Baltimore, Maryland – Bandcamp Instagram

Feeling a little funky? Turn up that collar, get this banger in your ears, get strutting down the street, and watch out for that funky AF trumpet.

Mood: missing the 90s

‘Blame (feat. Miki Berenyi)’ by Blushing of Austin, Texas – Bandcamp Twitter Facebook Instagram TikTok YouTube

Feeling dreamy in your bootcut jeans? Transfixed by your platform boots? Wondering what Lush‘s Miki Berenyi is up to these days? Here’s your soundtrack.

Mood: carpe diem

‘Mirror Mirror’ by Hotkid of Toronto, Canada – hotkid.ca Twitter Facebook Instagram

This reflective psych-rock belter reminds us that life is short. HotKid’s driving force Shiloh Harrison says: “Give love to whatever is holding you back and keeping you in a dark place. Get past any fear you’re facing and seize the moment.”

Mood: changeable

‘Set in Stone’ by Little VictoriesFacebook Instagram

An introspective mood from this London trio: “Set In Stone was written to connect with the vulnerabilities that we all face as we move through life, and how growth, change and acceptance belongs in all of us.”

Mood: sick of their BS

‘Meet Me Half Way’ by elison of Iowa – instagram bandcamp SoundCloud

“POV: You’re driving down a desolate highway at night, blasting your favorite song after leaving an unhealthy relationship. The driving motion of the song propels you to a more hopeful and powerful place.”

Mood: hating right-wingers

‘Big Wave’ by Modern Moxie of Charlotte, NC – modernmoxieband.com BandcampTwitter Facebook Instagram

Written around the beginning of the COVID pandemic, this song is an anger-fuelled rip roaring ride through all the emotions associated with political, biological and intellectual fear. “Time to wake up, fuck you Trump”.

Mood: exasperated

‘Try a Little’ by Sugarmoon of Bristol – Bandcamp Facebook Instagram YouTube

Doesn’t it sometimes feel like the world is divided into people who roll up their sleeves and get the shit that needs doing done, and those who sit around thinking up reasons to stay sat down. Pop this song on next time your housemate/spouse/colleague tells you they have no spoons.

Mood: over it all

‘Born Again’ by Lucy Rain of Australia – Instagram TikTok

The slinkiest of basslines, to accompany this slinky mood. “When the love goes away, boredom’s a killer”. Damn.

Mood: in a coming-of-age movie

‘Prom Dress’ by Bren of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania – Twitter Instagram TikTok

New crush? Young and full of hope? Feel like you’re in a cheesy coming-of-age movie and you don’t even care? Milk it. Bren says: “YOLO. The person you’re with might not be your forever person but if they were able to give you some really sweet moments, that’s just as valuable.”

Mood: let down for the last time

‘Lint of a Masterpiece’ by Air Devi of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Bandcamp Facebook Instagram SoundCloud

You want to believe in them so much, but they just keep on letting you down. Here’s the song to play just before you don’t call them back ever again. They’re never going to change, so sit back and enjoy the cool sitar.