It took me about 2 seconds into hearing ‘Heads or Tails’ by Liverpool-based Beija Flo to know that I wanted to share this brilliant track on LOUD WOMEN – but then life got in the way, and it’s taken me over a month to post this. Sorry Beija Flo! Here it is though, in all its turbulent post-punk, helter skelter, 1 minute 35 second glory – our track of the day today.

‘Heads Or Tails’ is the rusty ferris wheel that just keeps turning, going absolutely nowhere. The loud neighbours next door with the dog constantly in the garden. Hooded boy, in and out of the front door. Endless. Horrific. Sad. Intoxicated. Hilarious. Hopeful. Hopeless. Unflattering desperation. Omnipresent insanity. You hate it. You want to hug it. You can’t describe it. You can’t taste it.

I wrote Heads or Tails in my hometown, Harlow in Essex. Until a couple of years ago we were the most murderous town in England and Wales. Over the years I’ve watched the beautiful sculpture town, my Grandad helped build, continuously vote Conservative – who constantly make empty promises and cut funding. There’s a block of old offices on top of a car park in the centre of town where vulnerable people have been forced to move into, due to lack of affordable housing in and around London. They’re not converted offices, just offices with beds in. Small, cramped. One room for a whole family. They call it the human warehouse. There’s nothing for the locals. No nightclub. Barely any restaurants. There’s nothing for young people. There’s nothing there at all. Just this grey, dull, sadness. Up and down the country, there’s Harlow’s all over. It’s broken Britain. It makes me want to scream.

Beija Flo

This single is the first of a special trio of songs recorded at SPQR’s Yellowbird Studio and produced by Sam Baker, long-term collaborator and pal. Each single is accompanied by a limited edition signed and numbered art print featuring the single artwork created by Beija Flo herself.

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