Longterm fave and friend of LOUD WOMEN, South London’s MIRI, releases a beautiful new single today, ‘Trends’. A cheerfully rousing, proper pop song from MIRI which brings to mind (to my mind, at least) the soundtrack to the part of the movie where our hero is dusting themselves off, putting misadventure behind them, and setting off on a new adventure with their besties.

“I co wrote ‘Trends’ a while back. I was listening to a lot of Vampire Weekend at the time. I’ve performed it in lots of different spaces including the artist Natty’s Vibes & Pressure night in what use to be Passing Clouds. The times I performed it with a band I’d see the crowd get so hyped up, singing along to the chorus. The energy was so powerful. I knew because of this reaction I wanted to record and release it eventually.”
“Trends is about observing political corruption yet recognising our power and strength in imagination and creativity. The way that we can stand up, come together and use our voices to speak our truth.”

The single is released today exclusively on the Sonstream platform – which offers a pay-as-you-go model to listeners, helping to put streaming revenue directly in the pockets that earned it! MIRI has been very vocal (oh yes) in her support for the platform, and the need to make streaming revenue fair for independent artists.

Find ‘Trends’ on Sonstream here!

Subscribers to all the other streaming platforms will just have to wait until Friday 26 Nov when the song goes out on general release.

“The track is produced and mixed by Simon Willey who produced and mixed my last single Just Breathe. It’s the first time I’ve worked with Katie Tavini who mastered the single. My friend Holly Chant from the band Xylroo has created a beautiful animation for the music video. She also did the artwork which is now available to buy on a t-shirt.”