Live review and photos by Minni Moody – LibraLibra at The Waiting Room, London, 17 Nov 2021

“This show was supposed to happen like two years ago”, LibraLibra‘s frontwoman Beth Cannon tells us on entering on stage. Indeed, the show was supposed to take place back in April, and seven months in this strange new world feels like a long, long time.

LibraLibra’s sold out gig at The Waiting Room filled the dungeon-like underground venue in North London with eager music fans. The event was officially a release gig for their latest single, ‘Candy Mountain’. Their DIY horror themed music video was released the same day and definitely worth the watch, as it perfectly embodies the ethos of LibraLibra; their fierce and quirky sound baked inside freaky visuals and creative, artistic chaos. 

The gig showed once again that LibraLibra’s music is a journey where seatbelts are not obligatory but highly recommended. You never know where Beth’s vocals are going next but you’re more than willing to tag along. When she is staring at the audience wildly and moving her body like it was possessed by hundreds of thousands of hungry demons, you know it’s business time.

Even though Beth’s playful and wild vocals makes their sound fresh and fulfilling, it is obviously the whole band that makes their sound so enjoyable and unique. Their “adventurous beats and lairy, garage punk/infiltrated guitars”, as they describe their sound, is a bomb combo. Their varied and genre bending style keeps people on their toes, yet the down-to-earth chatting between the songs resets the vibe, ensuring that no matter what comes next, they will be in a good company. 

The set wasn’t enough for the LibraLibra deprived listeners, who demanded the band back on stage to perform an encore. The LibraLibra rewarded their fans by performing an unreleased song called ‘Mother’s Ruin’, which, after all those high-voltage audio fireworks (and a moshpit that almost happened), had a serious and intriguing undertone, leaving the listeners both satiated yet curious to hear more.