Review by Kirsten Rowland

It’s been a very long time since I’ve heard a song that I couldn’t stop smiling at, but I, Doris‘s new single ‘In the Ladies’ has gone and done it!

‘In the Ladies’ is a long overdue ode to an essential (and best) part of any night out, featuring I, Doris‘s signature blend of humour, feminism and fun.

Jaunty guitar riffs, playful lyrics and a music video featuring a pooping unicorn and a trombone-led conga line are just some of what makes ‘In the Ladies’ a joyful, catchy, must-have addition to every ‘night-out’ playlist.

Although presented in a humorous way, the song highlights the important role played by inclusive women’s spaces on a night out.

“This song is dedicated to all the new friends we’ve made in the ladies loos over the years! Often on a BNO we end up spending ages chatting to whoever’s in there, putting the world to rights in a place where we can actually hear to talk, helping a sister out with an emotional crisis, giving relationship advice…and blokes think we’re just having a wee!”