Feeling moody? Pick a mood, we’ve got your personal soundtrack covered here. 8 vibey recent releases from all around the world.

Mood: so over you

‘Shut Up and Go’ by Pseudo Cool of Maesteg, South Wales – Facebook Instagram

Witty, punchy and raw – punk attitude spread thick on 90s indie toast. Crank this one up when you’ve the one who’s supposed to hold you down starts holding you back.

Mood: unapologetic

‘Open Up’ by Nghtfall of Toronto, Canada. Twitter Instagram SoundCloud

Swirling alt rock ballad from an artist unafraid to share their personal journey with us. They explain: “There are a lot of people I’m close with that are incredibly against my coming out as non-binary. And as much as I don’t want to be alone, a part of me knows I have to let these people go. And this song is really about that. Being unapologetically myself has been a big turning point for my life & music and is why I wanted to make the album art a picture of me in makeup. As scary as it is, I want people to see the real me.” More power to your elbow, Nghtfall.

Mood: nostalgic

‘Second Try’ by The Baylands, from the Baylands Nature Preserve in Palo Alto, California. thebaylandsmusic.com Instagram TikTok YouTube

Lush Fleetwood Mac-tastic harmonies take us on a dreamy journey back in time – beautiful observations of childhood, a yearning for freedom, acceptance, belonging, and the importance of self love. Roll down your car windows and crank this dreamy anthem as you sing along and tell your younger self, “I’d love you better the second try!”

Mood: got to dump them

‘Phone Call’ by Tape Toy, from Amsterdam. Facebook Instagram SoundCloud

They call this ‘bubble grunge’ and we’re totally here for it. An emphatic delivery for the soundtrack that awkward moment when you realise that special someone is actually a wrong’un, and you’ve now got to make that final call. Oof. So much braver than a text …

Mood: top of the class

‘The A Plus’ by Coastal Town, teen band from Vancouver, Canada. Instagram 

As a mum and a teacher, I thoroughly tick (with the green pen) this proud “Nerd Rock Anthem” – studying hard is cool, after all. Do your reading, turn up on time, think critically, play punk rock, smash the capitalist patriarchy. This gets an A+ from me.

Mood: melancholic surf

‘Homecoming’ by Blanco Tranco, from Melbourne, Australia. Bandcamp Facebook Instagram SoundCloud

Feeling blue but the waves are calling? Here’s your themetune.

Mood: so in love it hurts

‘Transatlantic’ by Basement Revolver, from Canada. Instagram SoundCloud

Swirling guitars, splashy drums and dreamily swooping vocals. Music to dance round your bedroom to with your eyes closed, lost in a mega crush. Best feeling ever!

Mood: in a John Hughes movie

‘Stupid Trick’ by Jess Chalker, from Australia (now based in London). Facebook Instagram

Misplaced young love, intense feelings you don’t know really what to do with yet, and a kooky best friend. This beautifully 80s song will have you punching the air.