Words and photos by Kimmi Watson – Piney Gir 28 Oct The Sanctuary, Walthamstow, London.

Kansas-born and London-based Piney Gir wowed a warm and intimate audience in E17 on Thursday night with a mythical and spiritual set performed in a church, with support from local singer songwriter Paul Mosley, who writes music for puppet theatres. This Music Halls Project event was a Magic themed evening, curated by another local musician, Samantha Whates, and it lived up to its billing.

In her skeleton dress (with a spider ring to die for), Piney and her band took us on mystical magical journey through her back catalogue and songs from her newly released EP Astral Spectra, like Voice of The Agesconnecting ancestry and the cosmos through Spirit Animal. 

For her earlier release Dream Catcher she was joined by Samantha Whates on backing vocals. The delightful Stay Sweet, was introduced with the question “Who’s married and is still with their childhood sweetheart? Said no one ever!” I particularly loved the Sweet Jane-esque guitar and cello part toward the end of this delightful song. Staying on theme, Piney was keen to point out that her cellist is called Will Beyers – not to be mistaken with the Stranger Things character! 

Other stand out songs for me were Puppy Love (which is not a Donny Osmond cover) and Ugly Bones, which evoked a ghost train like fairground vibe whilst the oooh wah ooooh harmonies added and on extra spectral sensation. My Halloween tricked and treated us to some vintage 60s intrigue! I’m now on the hunt for some Candy Apple red stiletto shoes.