Review by Kimmi Watson

She Drew The Gun, Wirral based band fronted by singer/songwriter Louisa Roach, have just released their third album, Behave Myself – a collection of fresh new empowering political psych pop songs that will make you want to dance, shout, feed your mind and maybe even misbehave.

Roach’s lyrics, narratives and vocal versatility make for compelling listening and provoke you to listen in to her messages. Each track is as good as the other for different reasons and at the time of writing beyond the title track I would have to say I had no stand out favourite song.

Origin Song is the opener, setting the tone with a synth driven waveform before bass, drums and layered vocals blend in.  Next on the List evokes late 90s hyper dancefloor classics with a powerful and questioning voice.

The title track, Behave Myself, starts with the timely observation:

“I am the rage of all women, condensed to the point of explosion, I’m the silence of violation, finally broken. I’m the joke behind the eloquent feminist slogan and I will not behave myself.’

Next up, Diamonds in Our Eyes is a playful pure pop treat with a Tales of The Unexpected theme tune-esque keyboard bridge to boot.

Cut Me Down, is a post punk adrenaline fuelled super booster with driving drumbeats and pulsing bass lines, guitar power chords and keyboard riffs richly layered vocals.

Class War (How Much) asks the powers that be (and the aspirational working classes) important questions like “How much did you get paid for that?” whilst challenging the juxtaposition of wage slavery and military contracts!

Panopticon is a Goldfrapp/Visage-esque dancefloor treat that instructs you to “feed your mind”, whereas Innerspeak’s bassline intro evokes the Breeders before turning into a darkly romantic adventure. 

All Roads to Nowhere’s tremolo guitar and narrative vocal combine to shift the mood into a more reflective place.

The album closes with the rich vocal warmth of The Rose’s Tale posing the question “Don’t you know I’m made of stronger stuff?”

Behave Myself is really made of strong stuff and seamlessly produced by Ros Orton via Submarine Cat Records. If GinaX, Sharon Van Etten and Alison Goldfrapp had a genetically engineered vinyl baby…nah forget it! This is way more political and authentic. Top marks!

Out now here.