LOUD WOMEN is delighted to bring you the premiere today of ‘Fade Away’, new single from Cuban-American-in Berlin Dyan Valdés. This delightfully ear-wormy retro-synth electropop ballad is one FFO Saint Etienne, and comes with an emotive video perfectly capturing the song’s themes of anxiety and panic.

‘Fade Away’ is a song dedicated to anyone who has ever felt trapped, marginalised or silenced. At the beginning of the pandemic, Dyan was attacked by a man on the streets of Berlin in broad daylight.

“As shops were closed and everyone was at home, I recognized that my already precarious safety as a woman was even more threatened by pandemic circumstances. I arrived home, fortunately safely, and felt overwhelmed by my own experience, and by reports of increased domestic violence and the exploitation of female labor at the frontlines of the pandemic response. Fade Away is about looking around and saying to yourself, “this isn’t good enough,” and dreaming that someday you’ll find yourself in a situation that is. The song came to me extremely quickly – I wrote all of the lyrics, melodies and music and then recorded the basic tracks at home within about four hours from start to finish. I felt like the words and music just came through me from a place where they had already been written.”

The single is taken from Stand, Dyan’s debut solo album. Dyan played all instruments on the album, which she wrote at her Berlin home under lockdown. After spending much of her musical career being the only woman in the room, Dyan chose to work exclusively with women at every level of the project: production, engineering, post-production, design, styling, film, photography, and promotion. So it seems very fitting that the first play of this striking video should be here on LOUD WOMEN today!

Stand will be released by R.I.P. Ben Lee Records on 11 February 2022.

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