Our video of the day today comes from Toronto’s jackie: ‘Filter’ is out today.

“I always get a special feeling from hearing this song. My parts were written on acoustic guitar for this song so I was obviously forced to go out and buy a new guitar after writing it. I found this ‘72 (made in Japan) Morris acoustic that was modelled after some expensive Martin acoustic so I dropped the $600, hopped over to Ronnie’s Local in Kensington and made all my music pals play it to reassure me that it was as wicked as I thought it was when I bought it. I love when I write something that’s not about love, or loss, or pain because that’s often what I think about when writing, but Filter instead just has this cool wave of good vibes. The line, “I forgot to shake it off, to take a break for heaven’s sake” rolls around my head at least once a day now.”

Jackie Mohr


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