Out today from koleżanka: ‘A Mouthful’ is taken from the album Place Is, out this Friday on Bar/None Records. FFO Cate Le Bon and Stereolab.

This one describes a general apathy and isolation while coming off the high of a tour and finally settling into a new city. Working as a server and falling into the classic New York industry habit of spending most of my earned money in bars. I often like to sit in a bar alone with my thoughts, but inevitably find myself warding off some weird dude who thinks my being alone is an invitation. The second verse is about a particular event. I was working at a toxic place where we were forced into doubles all weekend. On an incredibly stressful night, the owner lost it and threw a chef’s knife into the dish pit, and it ricocheted off and almost went through my skull. I didn’t have time to eat all day, and felt so helpless that I ended up drinking myself into oblivion that night on an empty stomach and had to be carried down the stairs of my building from the roof.”

– Kristina Moore on “A Mouthful”