Out today from LA noise-pop duo MUNNYCAT: ‘So Fresh’ is so catchy, and so impossible not to bop to.

“We pluck a lot of people’s cards on this [forthcoming] mixtape, but ‘so fresh’ ended up being a track where we called ourselves out. We’d have a ton of big plans for doing all these ambitious and amazing things during the ‘down time’ we had last year, but we severely underestimated how hard it’d be to accomplish them during the chaos of a global pandemic. We’d have a to-do list a mile long and then we’d be like, ‘Wait a minute. Have either of us even showered in 5 days? When’s the last time we ate a healthy meal?’ We were playin’ ourselves. But addressing that irony and producing a really fun, upbeat song helped us crawl out of that headspace, for sure.”