Here’s a sample track and most charming video of Torrey‘s debut album, Something Happy. Now you have your own My Bloody Valentine, and Lush, two bands much loved of the Shoegazing 90s legacy. Treat them nicely, they are a rare thing in a world where music feels under pressure to adapt to the stats, such as the number of seconds listeners give to a new music stream. American outfit Torrey – from the Bay area, San Fransisco – also claim female focused influences that include other vintage indie, such as Belly, and The Sundays.

On point, Torrey. This song has the lightness and potential for pop sensibility that appeared in Tanya Donelly’s music with Belly after working with her sister, Kirstin Hersh (in the most brilliant and very real Throwing Muses).

The four-piece have a phrase that explains the album and band’s sound very well:

“Everything’s going to be OK.”

That’s why you probably will take a second and third listen, right after your first hearing of ‘Cold Snack’.

Something Happy features ten songs of the same quality and ilk from this band that have been consistently making music since 2020.

The video is a positive on the topic of worldwide lockdown collaboration bubbles, made easier since the driving force of Torrey is siblings Kelly and Ryann. Kelly says:

“I think naturally working with your sibling is challenging.” Kelly Gonsalves says of their process. “Some days are really amazing and you’re on the same page, and then other days you just really know how to dig into that person […] But it seems like no matter what, I can be playing guitar and Ryann knows exactly what to do right off the bat.”

A soundtrack for summer evenings.

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