We’ve said it before, but that’s never stopped us from repeating ourselves … we loved ARXX when they were first blowing the roof off pub gigs, and we love them now they are getting repeated spins on Radio 1 – and even when they’re being played on the Match of the Day coverage of (checks notes) a football match the other week. ARXX are taking over the world with their powerful garage pop energy, but on the way they’re playing LOUD WOMEN Fest 5 and we are delighted. Keira Anee caught up with the pair for no-nonsense interview, and a far more silly photoshoot!

  1. Which band are you most looking forward to seeing at LOUD WOMEN Fest this year?

Clara: Oooh, that’s a big question.. I would say Bang Bang Romeo. Because I loved them at Cro Cro Land and supporting Pink!

Hanni: Same – they did this thing where they parted the audience, and it was sick.

ARXX enjoy a high five

2. Do you have any new songs planned for LOUD WOMEN Fest?

Both: Yes! 

Hanni: It’s pretty much only new songs at this point!

Clara: There will be even more by the time we get to LOUD WOMEN …

… because it’s LOUD WOMEN 5, you see …

3. What’s your favourite song to play live?

Hanni: I would have said ‘Deep’, but we have to concentrate quite hard because there’s a lot of samples and things. But we just wrote a new song called ‘Ride Or Die’ and it’s really free and fun.

Clara: I’d say that one, or I still really love ‘Iron Lung’. Just when we kick in with that last bit at the end, that for me is so fun.

Guess the ARXX song title that this pair of lovelies are “acting” out here …

Bonus Question! Who would you love to see on the lineup next year?

Clara: There’s a band in Brighton who we love called Currrls

Hanni: And Fraulein!

[Hey, someone tell those ARXXers that both Currrls and Fraulein are coming to play our Summer Party in August at the Hope & Anchor!]

Such. Good. Sports.