Here at LOUD WOMEN we don't have favourites, but if we did, MIRI would be one of them! Followers of her socials will have noticed quite how superbusy she is at the moment, involved in exciting projects with Girls Rock London, Marshall Amps, School Ground Sounds, and her own #FindYourVoice workshops. She's playing LOUD WOMEN Fest 5 in September, but before then we get an extra chance to see this wonderwoman next week on Thursday 22 July at the Lexington. In the meantime, she took time out to do a 5 question interview ...

1. For people who’ve not heard you play live before, what can we expect from you at the LOUD WOMEN gig?
An audience member once said to me after a show that I perform like I have an orchestra in my head. 

2. What’s the most important thing we need to know about your band right now?
I have 9 of my songs on an ethical streaming platform called Sonstream. This means I actually get paid for any streams which has been a real help during these surreal times. I’m also planning to put on a fundraiser gig in September to help finish and promote my upcoming single ‘Trends’. Any support is most welcome. 

3. If you *had* to do a cover at the gig, what cover would you choose to play?
Aah I am doing a cover at the gig. I won’t give away the title but I perform this cover because it allows me to channel the pain and angst I feel about gender based violence, everyday sexism and the patriarchy.

4. Pass the mic – who are your top 3 contemporary bands.
, Me And DEBOE, Big Joanie 

5. Draw us a picture

Come see MIRI along with Lilith Ai, Hotwax and The Dead Zoo on Thursday 22 July at the Lexington – the first LOUD WOMEN gig in 16 months. It’ll be emotional / exhilarating / brilliant!