Out today from Fortitude Valley: ‘Baby, I’m Afraid’ is our video of the day today. Heartstring tugging lyrics, guitars that send you bouncing round the kitchen, and a supercute video complete with a puppy – seriously, what more do you want on a Friday?

Consciously channelling Weezer’s Blue Album, the song is the most slacker-pop that’s ever burst forth from [checks notes] Durham.

This is a break up song.  It’s two people feeling that the vibe is off, but not communicating. It’s about feeling insecure, over analysing little things and assuming the worst rather than actually speaking to the other person.

The quartet take their name from Brisbane suburb Fortitude Valley—or just “The Valley” if you’re from Brisbane—the heart of the city’s music scene, and also where frontwoman Laura Kovic first started playing in bands, before moving to the UK in 2010. 

“It was a place that objectively felt mythical, a suburb with a special meaning, looking back from the other side of the world and many years later.”

Fortitude Valley’s debut self-titled album is released 29th October 2021.


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