Out now from New Zealand’s Proteins Of Magic: ‘One More Thing’ is our video of the day. This incredible ‘claymation’ video was painstakingly created by the artist, Kelly Sherrod. The provides a haunting electropop landscape to a personal pandemic tale:

“I remember wondering if it would be at least a year before I was able to get back to New Zealand. Feeling at times trapped during lockdown for what ended up being 6 months, ultimately, I decided with my husband, that it was best for me to travel back to New Zealand with our 5 year old son, there I could focus on my album and our son could attend school. What i’m trying to convey is we all need more time, as people we all need another chance, the morphing clay characters are asking for empathy, especially during the pandemic, everyone is taking sides, but it can be an opportunity to understand each other, especially in America where I’ve been living, it is so divided right now.”

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