Out now from Melbourne’s Witching Hour (aka Claire Quartz): ‘Queen Of Wands’ is a hex-pop anthem on the theme of “self-love and relishing in one’s own company”. Oh yeah, those kind of wands.

“‘Queen Of Wands’ distills the precious, potent magic that comes from finally choosing yourself. After experiencing one damaging relationship after another, I had at last let go of the desire I had to swiftly and effectively find the right person to spend my life with, and the tendency to contort the wrong people into that vision. Once I released my grip on that outcome and sat with the fear and uncertainty of not having control over that part of my future, I felt life and vibrance rush back to my body. I finally felt like my truest and most authentic, colourful self again. I was living alone in a wonderful apartment with my cat, I was taking myself out on dates, and it was such a restorative and special time in my life. I felt totally renewed, and the little haven I’d created for myself served as a kind of cocoon, fostering my transformation. The song is an ode to that apartment, and that revelation. I felt that the energy I was living out was an apt embodiment of the Queen of Wands tarot archetype. The Queen of Wands is fiery, independent, strong, joyous, passionate, warm, confident, and yet deeply in touch with her shadow self, and she perfectly encapsulated the powerful return to self that I experienced.” 

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