Charley Stone is known in our scene for being in “all the bands”. Well, a good deal of them anyway. Currently counting Salad, Desperate Journalist, MX Tyrants and The Fallen Women amongst her stable, Charley is also releasing frequent, excellent solo music. Charley loves to play the guitar.

Little surprise then that Charley was one of the very first people to put their hand up to play when Cassie Fox mooted the idea of recording a charity single for Women’s Aid.

Charley adds delicately abrasive post-punk lead guitar to our ‘Reclaim These Streets’ single, with a superrocking solo to boot. She sang too, and completely took control of proceedings during our group vocal recording session – offering top notch feedback and the benefit of her huge experience to the session. In short, we couldn’t have done all this without our Charley.

Here she is talking about her reasons for giving her time and musical skills to the campaign.