Today’s video of the day comes courtesy of LA’s Nadia Vaeh: ‘Never Leave the Basement’, takes a Wanda-Vision inspired look at modern social anxiety. The release is in aid of the Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety.

The music video took 21 hours to complete in an abandoned home in Beverly Hills. We literally took the furniture and furnishings from two homes and delivered all to an empty home on the top of a hill in deep Beverly Hills to create a stage that could accommodate 70 years of looks and vibes.

Nadia Vaeh

We went from frustrated 50’s housewife intimate vibes, to 60’s Paisley prints with crochet, to fully on Roller-Rina Sequin disco queen!  And then after hitting a few loops on the skates through a glitter wonderland we ended up in the most over-the-top glam rock 80s look you will ever see.  After a glass of red wine and a bath we go to a n empty pool and dive into a 90s loaded chain, blondie, torn stockings, grunge rock performance. Afterwards we chilled out with a sassy early 2000’s butterfly clip and slow slung waistline moment, complete with all the accessories you can imagine. Of course we had to pay tribute to present day/2020 with a top knot and sweat suit look!

Lani Rose Ault, stylist and set decorator for the video

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